Which publication strategy is the best in science?

Making a decision on the type of publishing strategy, for scientist can sometimes be a tough thing to do. Especially for the young scientists who are still looking for a foot-hold. Knowing whether to publish big papers and create more impact, or rather do the several small papers publishing. What publication impact does one wish to have in his/her career?

These are things scientists need to consider, to determine the type of strategy one wishes to follow. For a scientist to decide on which strategy to take, there are some important factors to consider. Here are some of the tips or key factors you should consider as a publishing scientist when choosing a publishing strategy.

• The type of career one wishes to pursue

This is the first factor to consider in order to select a suitable publishing strategy. Do you wish to become a professor or an administrative officer at a given university?. One should be decided on the type of career intended for one’s future.

If you want to become a professor publication list is an important asset for you; For those who have decided that being a professor is the career path they have chosen. Then they should know that the publication list is very important. While not all faculties in science will need prominent papers publication with great impact, still most of them will need that kind of publication.

• High and Low impact factor

To choose the type of publication strategy to take, you should look at the impact factors you need for your publications. While some of the best journals may have an impact factor below 4, still there are others with an impact factor above 20. So one should understand that when selecting a publication strategy, impact factors have to be considered.

• How one intends to use the publication concerning one’s career

It is important also for scientists, especially young scientists who are breaking to consider this factor. The publication one should bring an impact on one’s career path. Without this then, the publication won’t is as effective as it is expected to be.

• If you have no best alternative then publish high

If you have not planned for a career in mind, or you have made your mind on the career path you want to follow. Then it is best to invest your time on high impact project, which will bring forth great impact. It will be considered a waste of time if you spend time non-impact publications when you have not had a definite chief goal for your career life.

With these few factors listed in the preceding paragraphs, I have tried to open up your mind to the variety of important factors. The tips one needs to consider when choosing the type of publishing strategy fit for him/her. It is essential therefore to analyze the factors for yourself and see what is best for you as a scientist. Remember to choose the type of publication which will be impactful.

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