Science assignment in 3 easy steps

Writing assignments can be a daunting and cumbersome task. It can be one of the most challenging parts of your semester. With adequate planning and great research, you can do your assignment easily and finish in no time. Here are my three easy steps to doing your science assignment.


Planning is particularly important because your life doesn’t revolve around this assignment. You probably have other classes and activities. It is, therefore, important to arrange your schedule in order to accommodate this assignment.


• How much time does assignment writing usually takes you? This will help you access your speed and plan accordingly.
• What percentage of your grade depends on this assignment?
• How much time do you have until the submission date?
• Does the assignment require data collection? If it does, you will have to write a timetable and include this because it makes take up longer time than was intended. Be sure you write down tasks and objectives for every single data collection session in order to work smoothly and promptly.


Before you can start your research, you need to know exactly what you are researching on. Look for the keywords in your assignment. Analyse the question and write down short notes on what you think the question might be requiring you to do. Understanding the question will also help you choose the correct format of writing once you begin. It could be a research assignment requiring you to write a report after experimentation. This will obviously have to be written in the form of a report.

Look for the specific request the question is giving you. Words that show you this include compare and contrast. If you do not understand the meaning of such words, you might end up writing wrong answers. Look up their definitions to ease your work.

Look for words that represent the topic at hand. These will guide your entire research. Staying within the topic is extremely important. For example, if the assignment deals with the eye, you cannot write irrelevant material about ears just because you want to fluff your assignment up.
Use all this to find relevant sources in books and even online platforms.


After doing extensive research, it is time to compile all your new found knowledge into one place. Write a draft to help guide you. Do this in the correct format that the assignment required. Ensure you have added every important component to your paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a specific topic or issue being outlined. Arrange your paragraphs in descending order, from the most important topic to the least.

You can now transfer your draft into the final material. Correct any grammatical and punctuation errors. Cite all sources used in writing your project and include all references to the

Be sure to write within the word count that is required and if exceeded, it’s not much of a stretch. Never write less than the given word count.

Doing your assignment can be as easy as pie. With careful planning and extensive research, you will be scoring as in all your assignments.

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